Behind Joyi:

Our Passion, Purpose, and People

Our Vision

Joyi envisions a world where mental health education is within everyone’s reach. Joyi’s goal is to create an oasis of calm amidst the daily chaos, empowering individuals to understand their emotions, manage stress, and build resilience. Rooted in rigorous research and endorsed by health experts, Joyi aims to be the touchstone for effective and accessible mental wellness tools.

Our Mission

Joyi’s mission is to stand by you as your digital companion in every phase of your emotional journey. By blending science-backed techniques with an intuitive user experience, Joyi provides immediate stress relief and fosters long-term resilience. With Joyi, you’re equipped to navigate life’s ups and downs, understanding and managing emotions with confidence and grace.

Our Team

Negar Yaghoobi

Founder & CEO

Jadi Mirmirani


Athena Afsharian

Creative Director

Rastin Rasouli

Product Owner

Aso Karimi

Full-Stack Developer

Sally Sallsa

Partnership Team Lead

Susan Bazri

Sales Team Lead

Paniz Ojaghi

Communications Manager

Our Contributors

Colorful Zone

The Pillar Behind Joyi’s Success

Colorful Zone is not just a visionary entity but a dynamic production hub for mental health resources. While our foundation is rooted in reimagining mental health education, our tangible contribution lies in the plethora of products we meticulously design. Each product, be it digital applications, educational modules, or interactive tools, is crafted to be accessible, practical, and universally applicable. We believe in merging engagement with entertainment, creating resources that not only educate but also captivate. With a global community in mind, our suite of products caters to lifelong learners, helping them navigate the realms of mental resilience and personal growth. Through our expansive and ever-evolving product line, Colorful Zone’s ambition becomes evident: to ensure that everyone, regardless of their life’s journey, has tailored tools at their fingertips, aiding them in achieving sustainable happiness and holistic well-being.

Let’s Collaborate!

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