Behind Joyi:

Science, Research, and Reasoning

Our Study

The cornerstone of Joyi’s scientific credibility is its collaboration with Toronto’s renowned Seneca Polytechnic. An extensive study, approved by the Research Ethics Board (REB), encompassed 300 diverse participants to gauge the impact and effectiveness of Joyi’s tools and strategies. The outcome? A ringing endorsement of Joyi’s ability to promote holistic well-being.

The Concept of Jars

The ‘Five Jars’ concept is derived from a systematic understanding of the human brain’s EEG wave patterns. Each jar corresponds directly to one of the five pivotal EEG brain waves, representing different mental states. These waves are foundational in determining an individual’s resilience capacity. Through the structured interventions provided by Joyi, users engage in specialized activities tailored to each brain wave, ensuring a comprehensive approach to fostering resilience.

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